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About us

The Company

“Sprout Words Vision is simple –

to grant every student the opportunity to experience success”

Sprout Words was developed to enhance, embrace and adapt to the new generation of learners within Australian schools. Technology has become an integral part of the educational setting and our goal is to engage students with an interactive, gamified sight word app that will utilise visual and interactive components that outdate any regular textbook.

We believes that technology can provide many specific benefits when used in the classroom including:


  • keeping students engaged for a longer period making students more excited to learn

  • differentiating learning to suit individual needs enabling students to learn at their own pace and;

  • preparing them for the future.

What is Sprout Words

Sprout Words was born out of a desire to inspire and motivate the new generation of Australian primary students, to successfully learn sight words in an engaging way. Sprout Words was created by teachers and parents to inspire, motivate and assist in primary school learning by making sight words engaging and fun.

Using the Sprout Words app, students are engaging in fun and interactive activities involving visual, auditory and sensory based learning at their own level. We understand that children are unique and learn in different ways and often, flash cards and textbook learning is not effective or tailored to each individual student. It is important to be adaptive as teachers and parents in how we educate our children.


Everyone absorbs information in various ways and our methods of teaching need to evolve and change as the needs of our students do. There are wonderful, smart and enthusiastic students coming through our Australian primary schools and our hope is that Sprout Words will help to build confidence and positivity by providing a visually engaging environment to learn and grow.

We know that Sprout Words will also provide some much-needed support for time-poor parents and teachers. A win-win!

Our Story

Two Australian mums/teachers came to the realisation that there were no Australian sight word apps on the market that were engaging and fun for our children/students. As teachers, they both wanted to create an app that had all the features that would assist parents, teachers and the students throughout the sight word learning journey.


From that moment, they began to create a fun and educational app!



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